Wholesale trade of local fruit & vegetables

The company KARMI GENERAL TRADING (CYPRUS) LTD was founded in September 2010. The business situated in the Municipal Market of Dromolaxia had already existed for many decades gaining appreciation by everyone in the wholesale trade of local fruit and vegetables.

Over time, and while the company had been exhibiting stability, the administration passed in the hands of Savvas Kirlappos, whose purpose was to make the business more competitive while at the same time increasing its prestige.

As a result, in September 2010 it was decided to incorporate the company in KARMI GROUP with the name KARMI GENERAL TRADING (CYPRUS) LTD continuing its operation more dynamically.

KARMI GENERAL TRADING (CYPRUS) LTD deals exclusively with wholesale trade of local Fruit & Vegetables produced within the Democracy of Cyprus.

It employs more than 24 specialised employees with knowledge and experience of local trade of fruit and vegetables.

It also owns a fleet of 9 refrigerator trucks and possesses the Food Safety Management System Certificate of Conformity (CYS EN ISO 22000:2018), while it carries out its orders through the pan-Cyprian distribution web that it has created in order to ensure optimum and efficient customer service.

The company’s vision is to establish its leading role and competitive position it owns in wholesale trade of Cypriot products, while at the same time to maintain the high quality of the product it trades, and the high standard of customer service.

Our Certifications