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The company KARMI UNIFRUIT LTD was established in March 1995. It started as a small family business which was founded by Mr. Alecos Sophocleous in 1976 and dealt with retail of fruit and vegetables. After almost 20 years and with the experience gained, Mr. Sophocleous realised the needs that arose in the sector of fruit and vegetables and consequently chose to deal with wholesale trade as well, and mainly with imports, to cover the needs of the Cypriot market. The first years of operation were difficult indeed, however through an unexpected acceptance by Cypriot consumers and careful development steps it soon became a leading company in Wholesale Trade of Fruit & Vegetables in Cyprus.


Our company deals not only with IMPORTS, but also with EXPORTS. The exports of local products as well as the import of a huge variety of Fruit & Vegetables originating from countries all over the world has attributed it an international character commercially. The selling policy and targeting of particular customers is mainly focused on Hypermarkets and Fruit markets all over Cyprus.
The company is staffed by more than 40 employees with full specialisation. Since it possesses a fleet of 20 refrigerator trucks, the pan-Cyprian distribution of safe products as well as the timely – fast customer service are a commitment of “KARMI UNIFRUIT LTD”. For this reason we have adopted a strict safety policy designed according to the international standards ISO 22000:2005.


Our more than two decades experience in imports and the commitment to the five main pillars of our success, which are:

1) Customer Service

2) Product Quality

3) Low Prices

4) Reliability

5) Consistency and professionalism framed by our specialised personnel, have resulted in the swelling of our business displacement in Cyprus and recognition by the International Market


Wholesale trade of local fruit & vegetables

The company KARMI GENERAL TRADING (CYPRUS) LTD was founded in September 2010. The business situated in the Municipal Market of Dromolaxia had already existed for many decades gaining appreciation by everyone in the wholesale trade of local fruit and vegetables.

Over time, and while the company had been exhibiting stability, the administration passed in the hands of Savvas Kirlappos, whose purpose was to make the business more competitive while at the same time increasing its prestige.

As a result, in September 2010 it was decided to incorporate the company in KARMI GROUP with the name KARMI GENERAL TRADING (CYPRUS) LTD continuing its operation more dynamically.

KARMI GENERAL TRADING (CYPRUS) LTD deals exclusively with wholesale trade of local Fruit & Vegetables produced within the Democracy of Cyprus.

It employs more than 24 specialised employees with knowledge and experience of local trade of fruit and vegetables.

It also owns a fleet of 9 refrigerator trucks and possesses the Food Safety Management System Certificate of Conformity (CYS EN ISO 22000:2005), while it carries out its orders through the pan-Cyprian distribution web that it has created in order to ensure optimum and efficient customer service.

The company’s vision is to establish its leading role and competitive position it owns in wholesale trade of Cypriot products, while at the same time to maintain the high quality of the product it trades, and the high standard of customer service.


Retail Selling Since 1982

In 1989, the first Limnia fruit market was founded, and with over two decades of existence it is virtuously presented as one of the first and foremost fruit and vegetable markets in Cyprus.

Customers are offered a vast variety of quality products, with well-known brands and delicatessens, both locally as well as internationally, at reasonable prices. Every day we select the finest quality of fruits, vegetables, meat and cold-cuts, which gratifies to the tastes of even the most demanding customers.

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The markets encompass all European Union (EU) health and safety regulations and certificates according to the ISO certificates, and are active HACPP member (HC.06.022).

The company is dealing with imported fruits & vegetables that are supplied by Karmi Unifruit Ltd while the products are supplied by Karmi General Trading (Cyprus) Ltd.

Limnia currently owns six Fruit Markets in six different locations in Limassol-Cyprus:

1. Agias Phylaxeos street
2. Franklin Roosevelt near the new port
3. Ypsonas area
4. Makedonias Street
5. Polemidia area.
6. Robert Kennedy 7, Naafi Area

HO.RE.CA. Trading of fruit & vegetables

The company Karmi HO.RE.CA. has been dealing with the trading of fresh fruit and vegetables, mainly supplying fruit markets, hypermarkets, restaurants and hotels since 1998.

In the light of the new needs that have surfaced in this area, and since the company has joined v in May 2016 with the name Karmi HO.RE.CA. it has become one of the most contemporary industrial units of fruit and vegetable disposal in Cyprus, with a huge potential of progress.

The ultra modern facilities are situated in the 3rd Industrial Area of Ipsonas and meet all the relevant International and European specifications. It employs more than 15 members of staff with the appropriate training and knowledge of the products traded by our company.

As well as the large storage areas and the state-of-the-art refrigerators and freezers for the correct and safe preservation of the products, our company possesses the most advanced chopping, washing and packing machines for the cleanliness and hygiene of the products.

What makes our company special is our specialization in pre-washed and re-cut products of all kinds, as well as packed whole or cut products. As a result, it is currently one of the most important ship, restaurant and hotel suppliers.

All of the above is carried out within a frame of hygiene and care, always following the Food Safety Management System Guidelines CYS EN ISO 22000. Read More