My favorite way to start Sunday mornings! Great selection of fresh, seasonal, local and imported fruits and vegetables.
I shop at Limnia fruit market as I find everything I am looking for. I especially love shopping there as for the wide selection of fresh meat and cold cuts

Anna Ierodiakonou
Sales & Marketing,

Great atmosphere, very friendly and positive staff, and great customer service. I love shopping there and it has never disappointed me!

Eleutheria Akritou
House Keeper,

A very pleasant place to shop! The fruits and vegetables are always fresh, and the special offers offered are of great value. I have been shopping there for many years and I have no intentions on changing.

Antri Georgiou

As a business man in the area of fruits in Italy, i take great value in health and safety and therefore i chose very carefully my clients and associates. I am more than satisfy having chosen Karmi Group for my main distributors in Cyprus.

Antonio Cannoni

Working with this guys for more than a decade, it comes to my surprise of their professionalism and the value they give in safety and health standards. Even though i don’t have a direct relationship with their products and services and i am just an associate in their advertising section, i totally recommend Karmi Group to anyone out there to work with. You will be amazed about the simplicity, professionalism and great value they pay to what they do.

Mr. Marios Roussos
Consultant & Marketeer,

Working was this company for many years now is an amazing experience. Very professional, high quality products, with attention to detail in their professional endeavours. My company is very happy working with them.

Andreas Nicolaou